The planning process for our clients can take time – for the right reasons. But when it comes to installing, OFIS is all about getting the right result for our client, first time, on time.
Over 15 years of experience


Todays working environments are evolving quickly, requiring clever solutions to meet the needs of people engaged in their work. These solutions are designed to be simple to use and to contribute to the workspace, as much from their aesthetic as from their functionality. Installing them correctly, quickly, to the clients plan and with the minimum of disturbance is a service OFIS provides.


Increasingly we are on the move. It’s a big enough job within your organisation, so leaning on your support team to ensure your valuable furniture assets travel with you through the relocation and reappear where you need them is another of the services that OFIS provides.


“Everything changes and nothing stays the same.” Plato. We work differently. Sometimes we come together from diverse teams and locations. Then we break out again heading in new directions. Sometimes we’re just shifting around, making better use of our spaces as our needs change, another service that OFIS provides.


Our workspaces and furnishings get a hard life. Running repairs and sometimes removal offsite for remedial work is a service that OFIS provides.


Our installers are well trained, highly capable and competent characters who understand that we sometimes need to operate around our clients, and most often we will be self supervising. Our senior team members work alongside your project or site manager and can participate in all aspects of the planning as well as execution phases. We are the experts at what we do, and at OFIS we have a reputation for getting on with the job.


Furniture solutions are equipped with multiple configuration options, are powered, contain data, lighting elements and utilise an array of accessories all things needing specialist support which is what OFIS does.

How We Work



We establish trust, with speed of delivery, flawless execution to high standards and to operate with complete integrity in all aspects of all jobs.
That places us at the top end of the industry across New Zealand.  Our team is clear about how hard we worked to get that reputation to deliver results and what it means to maintain that high standard, to be the best in the industry. We only supply the highest quality products that outperform on environmental and energy efficiency ratings.


The OFIS team knows each clients furniture solution. We are well trained to build engagement with the folks we work with. This makes it very easy to deal with us.
We develop the absolute, complete information and appropriate solution for each job. Then we communicate this accurately and in a timely manner. This laser focus enables us to deliver excellent customer service and easily describes why our customers prefer to use us, over our competition.


Honesty and respect for ourselves and our mates is at our core.

We work in teams and those teams work together – “we all have a hand on the rope”

We are trained and supported to do the job, we are not put at risk.